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Wonderful Hypnotherapist Dr.Joshi

Before consulting any other hypnotherapist...

Dr. Joshi is worlds No 1 Hypnotherapist to cure any psychologically disturbed patient
Hypnotherapy is the best solution on depression. MBBS or MD psychiatry doctor does not work on patients mind, they work on biological brain. They give only medicines and believe that patient is getting cure, but actually they make patient fell -asleep- dozy and dull.
There are patients taking tablets for 12, 14 years not getting cured. Psychiatric doctor does not have more than 2 minutes time to speak with patient. Those doctors do not believe in counseling or speaking with patients and try to understand patients mind.This shows medical science did not understood human mind, nor it can repair human thoughts.

Hypnotherapist understands patients mind than any other, and keeps capacity to repair it.
98% decrease are called by the patient. So 98% deceases are psychosomatic. Even a cancer patient or a diabetic patient starts to program his mind with negative thoughts like, what if I got cancer like decease, let me see if I got anything like cancer how you people will survive, I am eating sweets too much can I have diabetics.
If 98% deceases are caused due to negative thoughts then is it possible to cure any disease by changing our thinking procedure, the answer is Yes, it is possible.
But there is a hurdle of How to think positive? Or if you ask any patient, he will claim that he is thinking too much positive.
Unfortunately the positive thinking of a patient is at Conscious level of a mind, it has to be on Unconscious level of mind. This is only and only possible through hypnosis.
Hypnotherapy gives best result in quitting Cigarette smoking and quitting alcohol. Now a new psychological phenomenon is coming up , Addiction of pornography. Hypnotherapy works on quitting every addiction.
Hypnotherapy works on losing weight. The problem with heavy weight patients is their intake. The patient is heavy weight because for years and years his eating habits are bad, which suddenly cannot be changed at conscious level. Diet has to record on unconscious level of mind. Once it is programmed then patient follows diet naturally. His lust towards junk food and fried food is finished, and then he is ready to lose weight.
Hypnotherapy works on every problem related with mind. .Every Hypnotherapy, and meditation is to make people happy. Many times our patients and student says, sir, I have seen bright light at Trance level.what was it? He answers it might be the light of God, Paramatma, or Allah or we just dont know. Only experience it and enjoy it.
When people gets powerful intuition from us they can help others. Karuna Reiki or Distant Healing is such a powerful tool that if every one start to use it, this planet will be very beautiful place to stay.
We give healing treatment and we teach also. Thus we are creating positive vibrations on the globe. People from out of India do visit us to learn Healing. They come from Canada, U.S., London, South Africa, Brazil, Sudan, Ghana, France, Sweden, Austria and we are at India. Thus when all students sit for Karuna Reiki at a particular time, we create positive vibrations on the globe. We know these kinds of efforts are very little, but we are better than others who spread only hatred in the world.
Our mission is to give peace of mind and create happiness among human beings. We try to give knowledge about who am I? what am I doing on this earth? who is the creator?What is this universe and my presence in it? proudly…many times our students gets best results out of it.
When we heal people, we do not work on deceases. We work on health. There is lot of difference between these two terms. Lets understand this, We do not make efforts to fight against darkness within a room, instead, we light up a candle in a room, and the result is very optimistic.
Doctors fight with deceases, where we create health. So cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension or whichever is the decease it gets cure by healing. Healing actually increases natural power of any creature. Not only humans, it works on animals, birds, bushes, trees, crops. Even it works while cooking food. It works while travelling, it works in stress level situation.
Healing actually deals with Soul energy. There are three types of energies, first one is physical level , which is taken care by the doctor. Second one is psychological health, which is taken care by psychiatric or councillor. But very few people keep the knowledge that we are having third energy level, which deals with our soul.
Thats the reason when doctors can not cure any patient, after visiting church, mosque, or Temple he or she gets cure. Then science could not understand it. This is because that sacred place adds positive energy within soul and the patient gets cure. But this kind of miracles takes place at level of faith. This also depends on the healer, guru or saint and his intense healing powers.
Healing does not treat with any kind of Medicines, whether allopathy, homeopath or Ayurveda.
Our Guru, Acharya Dr. Joshi is a God gifted personality. Please read it carefully, then you will understand his multi talented, multi tasking personality. Good Guru like him can change your life.
He has exceptional healing power to heal any human on this earth very powerfully. He has command on following life saving sciences. He not only has knowledge about following sciences but he teaches also, by simplifying subject.
Hypnotherapy. He is one of the best spiritual Hypnotist He can take anyone into deep trance. He is gifted with powerful hypnotic voice. He is one of the best clinical Hypnotist, He is one of the best Covert Hypnotist, He teaches hypnotism by eyes, voice and touch. His scientist like mind has developed theory to understand hypnosis is simply amazing. His knowledge is an University within himself.
Till date he has cured thousands of patients in his 26 years practise.


Worlds best Hypnotherapist

He is the best Hypnotherapist, he has multidimentional personality. He has god gifted extreme level positive philosophical aproach.His councelling style is wonderful. He not only cures the patient but he looks into patients life personally to make him successful.Every patient who has strong belief in alternative medicine and treatments gets powerful results.

Know more about him at reiki.ideazunlimited.net


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I dectate lungs cancer before 17 years, after many chemo therapy traement I lost hope to recover, my family members lost hope to recover. My pains were unbearable. With me, my husband, my children and every family member was dying day by day.. Everybody was in doom, and suddenly we meet Dr Joshi..When we met him he was very rude. He shouted at me and asked me the reason to cry. I was surprised at his treatment style..

But then he asked a simple question, which turn on all the light in my life..If you are going to die, then tell me who is immortal? Everyone has to die one day or the other, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Budhha, Lord Mahavir and everyone has to die one day. Then why to cry? live happily whatever is the time you got to live whether it is one day or two.

First time in my life I realise I met some body who is special and knows life on different canvas. I started taking positive suggestions from him. I stopped all medicines. I started to live life like I will never die. And some miracle happned in my life..

I dont know from next morning my pais stopped suddenly..because of his commanding magical voice I found my rebirth...And after many years I am still living my life. Dr.Joshi taught me to accept death and live life. He is a great person with pure heart...May god bless him from... Dhruval Shah.

I am a self made man.I created 10 crores turnover business from scatches. After demonetisation I lost 90% of my business. I was under stress, so started smoking. It was 22 cigarrets per day.
Meanwhile my wife fel ill. She got allergic and started caughing continuasly. I love my wife too much. I took her to many doctors, in India and abroad. But she was unable to get cured. I was under more stress so my cigaretts increased from 22 to 34 per day..

I spent more than 8 lakh Rs to cure my wife. Then one of my cousine suggested Dr.Joshi's name.

I took my wife to him and he cured her like magic within 30 minuts time. That was amazing..

After hypnotic trance session Dr.Joshi declaired that actual treatment is needed to me. I did not understood, but my wife was very happy with the statement. Then Dr.Joshi explained how my smoking habit has turned her into a patient. Now the difficult task was to quit my smoking. Thanks to Dr.Joshi he took endless efforts on me to quit my smoking habit. Now my wife and I both are happy. Thanks to Dr.Joshi...From Piyush Meghani.

I am Class 1 officer, Assistent Commissioner of sales Tax. I met Dr.Joshi before 19 years, now I am retired.
At that time, to face many people and handle problem was my portfolio. And I suddenly got attack of Fobia..Being a Class 1 officer I wanted to keep my treatment secret. At the same time I was worried that no hypnotist should take advantage of my auckward position. But when I met Dr.Joshi I found very pure and Sant Mahatma type clear soul. I found, in his eyes, no lust for money or power.

I got treatment from many Psychiatric doctors but I found their treatment keeping me dozy and lazy. I started feeling diggy everyday. Being a responsible officer I was not willing to loose control on my brain.

Dr.Joshi find out the reasons which were in my childhood.. he succesfully deleted unwanted memories from my brain and within the span of 3 months I was absolutely fine, enjoying my life. Now a days we are good friends. I wish Dr.Joshi best of luck for his future.. From Desai T.K.

I was suffering from depression for last 18 years, since my young son died in an accident.
Within last 18 years I shown many psychiatric consultants but every doctor gave me typical tablets which made me lethargic and lazy. No doctor was having time to speak with me. Then I met Dr.Joshi

Dr. Joshi is very kind harted, he cancelled all his other appointments and gave 3 hours time to me. I keep talking for 2 hours as if I was dying to speak for years. I was very happy for the first time in life that someone has understood my grief.
I got completely surrender to Dr.Joshi. Then his divine voice started magic on my mind. I started feeling cured from the day one. Then for last 13 years he is like my family Guru. We consult him on phone which he charges nothing, and speaks gently to us. We used to send him a sizable amount as his Gurudakshina, two times in a year.Devaki singh

Exam fobia was my problem since from 7th standard. Now I am in 12th standard and my parents were worried about me.
One day I listned Dr. Joshis lecture in my school. I asked my parents to meet Dr.Joshi. When we met him my life changed totally. He not only found reason behind my Exam fobia but cured me and gave huge target and meaning to my life. Now I am focused and preparing for UPSC (IAS)

Dr.Joshi has given meaning to my life. Since from childhood I was brilliant student, but now suffering from Fobia. I am complitely out of fobia. His words have magical effect. When he kept his both palms on my head I feel some powerful God like energy is flowing through my body and soul. His voice is Godly voice, very powerful and commanding. He is true Guru.From Shital Sharma

I am Khadelwal D.P. from Patna Bihar. We have fabric making factories in Surat. My daughter dictated cancer before 6 years.
I took her to U.S. I spent more than 40 lakhs to save her. But even after 8 months treatment Doctors were unable to save her. That was the biggest shock to my family. My son returned from Sweden and he complain about pain in body, the same way as his sister. I was totally shattered when cancer was dictated in his body. I suddenly found as a begger. I was having everything but nothing
I lost total faith Medical science and Doctors. Then one of my neighbour suggested to meet Dr.Joshi. I met him and I found a spiritual person like sant mahatma in him. He taught us what is life, what is death. Instead of alopathy we decided to go for ayurved and healing treatment by Dr.Joshi. This time we have decided to defeat Cancer. After a long fight of 4 and half months we won. My son got absolutely fine. Thanks to Dr.Joshi who helped us to fight against cancer. His boosting up positive suggestions kept fighting spirit alive in us. God bless him.

I am a school teacher. My name is Shankar Bhandari. I was depresion patient before meeting Dr.Joshi. I belong to Delhi. I was sure that no doctor on earth can cure me. I was very negative about life and everything.
Dr.Joshi has taken many efforts to change my negative thinkng. Everytime i meet any doctor I used to evaluate that doctor himself. My ego was at super high level. I took myself as a very learned person. Which was actually the cause behind my depression

My Father at his Gujarat visit met Dr.Joshi and got influenced by his thoughts and his knowledge about various religions and his static thinking.
My father insisted on meeting Dr.Joshi. I was very reluctunt to meet him. But when I met him, Yes i must agree, I have never seen a knolegable person like him. There were many questions and answers for more than two hours and I got all satisfactory answers from him. I agree that he is a perfect philosopher and gentelman. I found him very humble and simple even if he was having knowledge about Geeta, Kuran, Bible, Jainisam, Buddhisam. I taak many meditation sessions from him within 6 days of my stay at Surat. I return Delhi as a total new person. Dr.Joshi re-programmed my mind and life. Thanks to him.

Hi Sir, I am Dipti Gajjar from Odisa now settled in Bangalore. I was having Male Fobia. So everytime when my parents try to find a partner for me I used to reject proposal.
In the beggining everything was fine. It was looking like normal routine. But very soon I started getting pain in stomac even if my parents starts talking about my marriage. I was unable to explain it but it was very fearful feeling. One day my friend gave me Dr.Joshis no. and asked me to speak with him. I called him and I was explanaing my problem for 50 minuts, he was just listning me for 50 minutes very camly and quetly. He was so nice to me, highly polished manners, sophisticated English, I decided to meet him and get consultation

He found problem in my childhood and very gently delete the unwated memories and thoughts from my brain. He tought me how to read others mind which was very helpful while selecting a Groom for me. Let me tell you because of Dr.Joshi I got very very very gooood life partner, very caring, very loving. Now we are settled in Sydney. In every Diwali I and my husband with two kids meet Dr.Joshi as a family Guru.

My uncle is MBBS Doctor practicing in Ahmedabad. He fell ill and was hospitalised for few days. He being a very famous doctor in the area many good wishers visit him in the hospital. Everything was ok till it was dignosed as blood cancer.
Instead of taking treatment my uncle start to read books on Cancer in deep, which has made him very negative patient. He was not responding doctors, since he himself was a doctor he started arguing I know Doc, this tablet wont work, I know doc, this Tablet will have that side effect etc. It was the biggest problem how to treat a doctor
Every time we suggest something he has typical answer, Dont teach me I know Cancer can not be cured, I have to die very soon.
I was student of Dr.Joshi, I consult Dr.Joshi and ideas to prepare uncles mind to accept the treatment. I request Dr.Joshi to visit Amdavad specially to treat my uncle.
Dr.Joshi came to the hospital and meet the patient. He whisper few words in uncles ear and within half an hour uncle shouted- doctor, doctor please help me and treat me I want to get cured. Then it was regular treatment. My uncle got cured after long treatment of one and half years. I asked Dr.Joshi what was the magic? He smiled and said, I showed your uncle actual death and his family after his death. It was that simple. Our Dholakiya family is thankful to Dr.Joshi for giving new life to my uncle.

Treatments and Teachings


Dr.Joshi gives powerful hypnotherapy and other healing treatments to cure patients. His devine personal touch brings happiness in everybodys life.He is not a heartless therapiests like others who are working only for money.He is a spiritual and pure person.


If any patient or his family members are curious about Hypnotherapy and Healing Treatment he teaches many kind of healing therapis including Pranik Healing Reiki water therapy and much more. More info on reiki.ideazunlimited.net


Meditation sessions by Dr.Joshi are simply devine touch by the God. He makes our mind so pure and clean that many people only come to him for Only Meditation. He has study on many religions, he knows many philosophies, he is a wonderful person on this earth.


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